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Mosti Mondiale

June 26th, 2015
Hartford, CT

M&M Wine Grape Company, LLC is proud to be the U.S. Distributor of Mosti Mondiale Winemaking products including fresh must, sterile must and blended juice products.

Why the relationship between the two companies?  It's actually quite simple.  Mosti Mondiale in both their approach to business and their product quality are the type of company who we like to work with and represent.  In fact, this relationship has been in place for several years.  Unlike some of the other kit companies, Mosti Mondiale was first in the fresh juice business and upon seeing an opportunity for a superior product in the kit marketplace, the Mosti Mondiale line of shelf stabile products was born.  Why not? The company was already supplying some of the best quality must in the business and logically making that must available year round made lots of sense.

You won't see Mosti Mondiale's products all over by virtue of mass distribution like some other manufacturers who will then try and sell niche and exclusivity and who spend lots on money on things that don't end up in the package.

That said, slow and steady is our combined approach.  Great quality products in fresh, frozen, and shelf stabile formats coupled with a genuine interest in finding the right retailers across the country to be part of something that is truly special.

You can learn more about Mosti Mondiale by visting their web site www.mostimondiale.com.  We also have lots of information on the Mosti Mondiale line of products right here on our web site.

As their tag line says, Mosti Mondiale is Committed to Innovation...Inspired by Tradition.  We know that to be true.  So, if you're considering your next winemaking project or next product to differentiate yourself from your competitors, just think Mosti Mondiale.  While your at it, ask about great culinary products from Gourmet Mondiale.

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