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CD-DESTEM-MUST Crush-Detem Services and Custom Frozen Must

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Just starting out? Have a busy fall? Musto Wine Grape offers a crush-destem service and custom frozen must!

How it works:
1. Pick out your grapes (red grapes only)
2. The minimum order is 3 - 36lb cases per variety
3. Your grapes are crushed and destemmed into our brand new and sanitized 5.25 gallon pails
4. A small amount of sulfite is added for preservation purposes
5. Your must goes into our cold storage facility or into the freezer depending on your order
6. Pick up your order or we can ship it after the freezing process

$4.00/case of grapes to crush-destemm
$8.50/pail filled (3 36lb cases fill 2 pails)
$5.00/pail to freeze
For shipping costs please email us your tentative order and zip code

To order your must please speak with a Musto representative. Email sales@juicegrape.com or call 877-812.1137

To read more about how to make wine from frozen must click here

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