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Are We A Broker?

We are often asked whether we are a Broker of the products and services we provide. It seems that the term Broker comes with a negative connotation, perhaps because brokers are often viewed as unnecessary cogs in the machine of doing business.

We do not view what we do at Musto Wine Grape Co. as brokering primarily because we approach our relationships with wineries as "strategic partnerships". Wineries have their business objectives, and we provide valuable assistance in helping wineries navigate the marketplace. To the extent that we introduce customers with suppliers, one could make a claim that we are brokers. However, we do take ownership of most of the product we sell prior to sale, have exclusive distribution on certain products, and are striking strategic partnerships with various suppliers all directed toward making the business of operating a winery and finding the right products easy.

Some of our suppliers have chosen to partner with Musto Wine Grape Co. because we have established logistical channels and year-round sales and support staff. As suppliers build markets for their products, grapes, wine, or supplies, we provide an important interface for them into the marketplace and the customer can feel comfortable knowing that Musto Wine Grape Co. understands their business needs, goals and can help them meet those goals.

When you consider the importance of your next purchase, consider whether a seller is in the business of wine and wine grape logistics, can provide support for years to come with additional product, and will help you establish consistency within your own product line. Would it not be worthwhile to work within a network of tried-and-true suppliers and to have your strategic partner use its influence to ensure your needs are met?

Musto Wine Grape Co. is the strategic partner who will work for you while you focus on your key competencies.

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