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Winter Winemaking Options


The rush from the Fall Wine Grape season is now behind us.  Wines have been pressed and cellar activity should be slowing down.  That said, this is the perfect time to point out the numerous options that exist during the winter months to add some unique and special selections to you wine cellar.  For the seasonal winemaker, who has not yet realized that incredible winemaking options are now available year-round, the winter is often overlooked as a great time to be making wine.

From Specialty Wine Kits, to the arrival of Shelf-Stabile European Juices, Late Harvest and Ice Wine juices and our ever-present Frozen Must Offerings (complete with destemmed grape options and juices) so many interesting, exciting, and tasty possibilities exist to be made in volumes as small as 2 gallons.

If you've not had the opportunity to take advantage of some of these great options, the next month is going to be the perfect time.  As the Christmas and Holiday season approaches, M&M Wine Grape Company, LLC is planning so very attractive offers and a number of these products.  We feel it is important to provide winemakers with just a little incentive to expand their horizons.  In doing so, we believe that you will thank us for it and WE KNOW that those who drink your hand-crafted wines will thank you!

To learn more about M&M Wine Grape Company's Late Fall - Winter winemaking options, see below:

Specialty Kits - Port Wines

Kamil Premium European Juices

Late Harvest and Ice Wine Juices

Frozen Destemmed Grapes and Juices

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