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Grape Harvest Begins

March 25, 2015
Hartford, CT

The wine grape harvest in the Southern Hemisphere is happening or ready to take place.  The weather leading up to harvest has been ideal this year and the wine grapes look to reaching excellent maturity.  In South Africa, the Pinotage harvest has already taken place and arrival is expected in just a little over a week.  For M&M Wine Grape Company, LLC (juicegrape.com), this marks another Spring harvest and another first with grapes now becoming available direct from South Africa.  Indeed, it is a very exciting time to be a winemaker.

Looking to South America, M&M is readying itself for harvest from both Chile and Argentina.  The reports from Argentina indicate the Malbec is reaching perfection.  The Brix levels are in the 24 range and the seeds are showing signs of browning.  The estimated arrival for grapes from both Chile and Argentina is currently the early part of May.

Each year, winemakers from across the U.S. try their hand at adding diversification into their wine cellar.  These three Spring sources provide just that opportunity.  If it is not a good time of year for you to wine, do not worry.  M&M offers all these grape options in a frozen destemmed grape format.  This makes making wine very convenient and the freezing of the destemmed grapes actually carries additional benefits.  Any questions about grapes or frozen must, all you need to do is call 877.812.1137 or email sales@juicegrape.com.  An M&M representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you plan for your winemaking.

If you are interested in obtaining grapes, juice, or must from the 2015 Spring harvest, please keep in mind that all grape and must orders must be placed by April 1st.  This is earlier than last year due to harvest also being a bit earlier.

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