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2015 Spring Offerings Announced

Feb 6, 2015
Hartford, CT

The 2015 Spring Wine Grape Harvest is shaping up to be very exciting.  2015 will be the first year that M&M Wine Grape Company, LLC has offered wine grapes, juices, and frozen must from 3 countries, on 2 continents, and brought to you by the company who is the leader in providing the best and most varied options for your winemaking experience.

See the products we have available this Spring season:

Argentina Chile South Africa
Terra Andina Vineyards

Fresh Grapes

Frozen Destemmed Grapes
Fresh Grapes from Curico Valley

Toro Negro Juices and Frozen Must

Chile Fresco Ultra Premium Juices

Estrella del Sur Fresh Juices
Pinotage from Breede River Valley

M&M has been a reliable supplier of Chilean wine grapes the past several years, is now entering its third year in the importation of wine grapes from Argentina, and this year M&M will be offering Pinotage from the Breede River Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa.  It is a very exciting line-up indeed.

Each year, for the past several years, M&M has made available to wineries and wine makers some of the best luxury class wine grapes from the Southern Hemisphere's best vineyards. M&M Wine Grape Company works with the vineyards to ensure these grapes arrive in the best condition possible. Once they have arrived, we continue to care for these grapes storing them in our ample cooler space.  This ensures they are in the best condition possible for you to make wine.  This is not something special that we only do this time of the year, but rather at all times.

M&M Wine Grape Company LLC is a leader in the supply of ferment able products to wineries and wine makers throughout the United States in into Canada.  Since its inception, M&M has continuously raised the bar for the products it makes available and for the handling of that product. M&M Wine Grape Company LLC is a year-round business.  Wineries and Wine Makers are our top priority.

If you have not considered making wine from Southern Hemisphere (Argentinean, Chilean, and now South African) grapes, then why not make 2015 that year.  Why not try some from each region? If you have made wine from these grapes, then you are in the company of many commercial wineries across the US who have chosen to add wines from Southern Hemisphere growing regions to their wine portfolios.  As proud as we may be of how we approach business, we remain aware that you have a choice as to whether you work with M&M Wine Grape Company. Doesn't it just make the most sense to work with a supplier whose staff of wine makers view your purchase as if it was there own? Doesn't it make sense to work with a supplier who will take the time to get to know you and your needs?

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