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2015 Harvest Outlook

June 26, 2015
Hartford, CT

veraision in the vineyardsHello Winemakers,


We hope you had a great Chilean Season!

We wanted to share some of the latest news related to how the Fall Harvest is shaping up in some parts of the country.  We also wanted to remind you of the Harvest Tracker that we at M&M Wine Grape use to provide you with regular harvest updates, along with social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Our Harvest Tracker can be found here.  So, please use this as a resource to find out what's happening out in the vineyards and of course, the many exciting offerings we have in store for you.

Now, allow us to share some news as we come to the end of June.

The Fall Harvest is fast approaching. We are already seeing veraision in the Central Valley and the Northern grape growing regions. 

Some things to consider:

1. Harvest is going to be at least 1 week early this year.
2. We are getting reports of the crops being a little lighter.
3. Cabernet and Malbec are projected to be in shorter supply.

As for new grapes, we have a few new clones being added to the Suisun Valley Program, new grapes coming in from Paso Robles and new grapes from Washington. More information on the new grapes coming soon….


At this time of year, we get inquiries regarding when orders should be submitted.  It is still early for pricing and those who have worked with us through the years know that we work hard on pricing until close to harvest.

Our suggestion is to please call 877.812.1137 or email your order projections to sales@juicegrape.com .  Doing so will allow us to plan accordingly to secure your order for the fall. 

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in August! Cheers!

- The M&M Wine Grape Co, LLC Team

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