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Fruit Wine Bases and Essences by GLCC


Fruit Wine Bases:

Musto Wine Grape is excited to introduce 16 new Fruit Wine Base flavors. Our fruit bases are a blend of 100% juice concentrates with natural flavors and fermentable sugars. The concentrate starts as a 71 degrees Brix concentrate and is a simple 1 +3 base. This means in order to start at 22 Brix we suggest adding 3 parts water. With the concentrate being at 22 Brix you will have a successful fermentation with no adjustments required. All you’ll need to do at that point is add yeast.

The fruit concentrate comes in 1 gallon pails to create 4 gallons of finished wine. Also, 6 gallon pails and drums are available for wineries.

Wine Base Flavors:


Black Currant
















Do you have your own winery? If so adding a fruit wine to your tasting room menu is something to seriously consider. Studies have shown that many winery patrons are enjoying the new fruit wine options. This is because they know what the fruit tastes like, so they are more comfortable ordering their wine.

Fruit Flavorings:

This is another fantastic option for winemakers. We have a lengthy list of flavorings you can add after your fermentation has been completed to give your wine a little something extra. We suggest purchasing our mini wine flavoring kit and conducting bench trials to see how much flavoring you will need to add. Once you have your amount choose the size you need and blend away!

Fruit Flavoring Suggestions:

  • Coconut in Sauvignon Blanc
  • Orange in Muscat
  • Raspberry in Merlot
  • Strawberry in Cabernet

Oak Flavoring Suggestions:

  • Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Oak
  • Caramel

Many winemakers have been playing with the idea of adding fruit flavors to their Vinifera or Cold Hardy grape wines. Blending Fruit Wine Bases or adding flavorings at the end of fermentation can give your wine more structure, more complexity, and make up for the fruit lacking in your wine.

For example:

  • Blending a Sauvignon Blanc and Apple concentrate will only showcase and double the amount of acid in your wine. If you have a high acid wine it would be better to balance that acidity with maybe a Coconut or a sweeter fruit like strawberry.
  • For Light sweeter wines, blending something like apple will brighten and freshen up the wine with that touch of acidity.
  • Other focuses are to make something unique whether it be dry or sweet by adding flavorings or fermenting with the wine bases.
  • Other Blending Opportunities: Keep in mind that the best matches are fruits and flavors that complement each other. Here are some good examples:
    • Merlot and Blackberry
    • Cabernet Sauvignon and Cherry
    • Seyval Blanc and Apple
    • Sauvignon Blanc and Coconut
    • Muscat and Orange Blossom
    • Apple and Pear
    • Concord and Blueberry
    • Chardonnay and Apricots 
    • Merlot and Raspberry
    • Pinot Noir and Cherry
    • Syrah and Cherry
    • Chardonnay and Peach
    • Riesling and Apricot
    • Zinfandel and Strawberry (especially for the Rose)
    • Cayuga and Strawberry


Standard Yields: Yields are predictable, consistent and reliable, allowing accurate pricing in advance of production

Availability: Products are available year round

Flexibility: Create new products that are unique to the occasion 

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