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Arezzo - Tuscany

At Musto Wine Grape Co., we are constantly searching for the intersection between quality and value. Take for instance, our bringing the Suisun Valley to the forefront as a supplier of high quality (Napa grade) fruit, but for less than Napa prices. Well, we've had similar success elsewhere. Over the past few years, we have brought Italian grapes to you each fall. Much goes into orchestrating such an offering and we have sought to refine our Italian efforts such that we have the right people there at harvest, the right fruit, the right logistics, etc..

This year, Musto Wine Grape is proud to offer you year #1 of a new Italian program.  We have decided to venture away from Puglia for this endeavor into the Arezzo area of Tuscany, located in the Northeastern area of the Tuscan region and just South and East of Florence. Arezzo, as a region, perhaps is not as well known as other areas of Tuscany. However, that does not mean that its fruit is not Tutto Toscano!  In fact, Well known Italian wine manufacturers like Antinori, have made significant investments in Arezzo.

Musto Wine Grape Co. believes that quality and value exists in Arezzo and for 2012 we will be offering both Sangiovese and Montepulicano from the area on a pre-order basis.  The quantity will be limited, but we are very excited about this offering and hope you are too.

The grapes will come to us in 18lb lugs. Harvest is tentatively expected mid-September with and arrival the first part of October.







Grapes from Arezzo Will Not Be Available This Fall

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