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Top 10 Reasons to Use M&M Wine Grape Co. As Your Grape Products Representative…

  1. Your M&M representative can help you determine your buying power -- that is, where your dollar is best spent to provide you with a grape product that is not only reliable, but also appropriate for the intended use within your winery. We take the time necessary to learn about your operation and your operation’s goals to then act in your best interest.

  2. Your M&M representative has many resources to assist you in your grape product search. Quite often, the better product is not going to be found in a classified listing. Good product is generally spoken for and with our customer base; we have good working relationships with some of the best growers in some of the most desirable AVAs. M&M Wine Grape Co. has already pre-screened grape sources many of whom we have had ongoing working relationships for years.

  3. Your M&M representative can assist you in the selection process. Your representative has access to a network of suppliers that is time tested and improved based upon the feedback of many customers who have preceded you. Our suppliers are pre-screened for reliability and the ability to deliver product that is consistently high quality. Furthermore, your M&M representative understands retail economics of the industry and can help you in your selection process to ensure you develop a product line that will be received with open arms by your customers.

  4. Your M&M representative can help you get the most grape for your dollar. As an M&M Wine Grape Co. client, you benefit from all our relationships including the pricing we are able to obtain as a result of dealing in such large volumes. You also benefit from our own logistical network that is in operation coast-to-coast and year-round.

  5. Your M&M representative is your grape sourcing specialist. If you are a winery, you know how important it is to get good product in-house. Good product will set you up to produce a finished wine that will not only yield a nice profit margin, but also more importantly lead to repeat sales and a reputation for your winery that is on par with the passion that you exhibit on a day-to-day basis. As your business partner, we will do what we do best and find those grapes for you – leaving you to do what you do best. Your M&M representative will collaborate with you in achieving the vision you have for your winery.

  6. Your M&M representative is a professional. Like an Accountant or Lawyer we bind ourselves to standards that ensure confidentiality is maintained and that we place your interests as our highest priority. We’ve not made a name for ourselves by name-dropping, but rather by keeping happy clients who are often more than willing to share a secret to their success with others.

  7. Your M&M representative knows that one size DOES NOT fit all. We know that winery needs and capabilities differ and that is why we have worked to diversify product offerings to include fresh grape, juice, frozen must, concentrate, and bulk wine. We have even worked on providing scalable solutions to meet the immediate and future needs of your winery without having to go back to the drawing board in sourcing product.

  8. Your M&M representative is your point person. Whether it is discussing needs, reviewing supply sources, coordinating shipping, and managing your purchase, your M&M representative is your go-to person.

  9. Your M&M representative is passionate about this business. We are our own customers. We go through the selection process and seek the same things from our grape products that you do. It makes it so much easier to operate our business because we do business as if we were the customer.

  10. M&M Wine Grape Co.’s long-term success is driven exclusively by your success.

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