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Muscat, Chilean (23L)

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Toro Negro

Toro Negro brings the best that Chile has to offer for amateur and professional wine crafters in North America. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality grapes and single strength juices. Arriving each spring, the warm weather makes it easy to craft the perfect wine.

About UsToro Negro™ represents high quality wine grapes and juice sourced from private vineyards in Chile. With a reverse season, Toro Negro™ is able to provide the home wine-maker a reliable product during a new time of year. With rooted relationships in Chile, Toro Negro™ is able to select the best of what Chile has to offer.

About Chilean Wines

Chile is a country that expands over 6,000 km from north to south and accommodates the ideal temperatures needed to grow an excellent wine-making product. The ideal placements of the Andes Mountains and the currents of the Pacific Ocean create a mineral enriched soil and exterior climate that wine grapes thrive on. Introducing frozen crushed grapes and pressed single strength juices from the prestigious winemaking regions of Maule and Curicó in Chile, this product allows the winemaker to expand their winemaking experience to other regions of the world. Set aside your heating equipment alongside your worries. With fresh products arriving in Spring each year, take advantage of the warm weather in North America and worry more about where to enjoy the wine and whom to share it with!

Frozen Grapes
Grape Varietals

Fresh Juices

Grapes are selected at their optimum levels during the Chilean harvest each year. The grapes are then hand picked and crushed, de-stemmed and macerated in cold temperatures. Once the colour has been reached, the juices are pressed and filtered out to remove all seeds and pulp for a more clear product. Juice is cooled to -10C/14F to preserve its integrity. They are packaged and shipped to their North American destination.

Easy Steps to Making Wine with Fresh Juices

winemaking instructions FZGP-nbk

Frozen Grapes

blue grape with green leaf isolated on whiteGrapes are selected at their optimum levels during the Chilean harvest each year. The grapes are hand picked and then crushed and de-stemmed onsite. The grape skins and juices are then transferred into 25kg containers which are lined with a food grade bag to prevent any damage to the grape during freezing and transportation. Grapes are then sent to a cooling facility that brings the temperature down to -10C/14F where they are shipped to our holding location in North America and ready to be converted into wine by you.

Advantages to Frozen Grapes vs. Fresh Grapes

  • Longer shelf life;
  • Availability of product year long;
  • Cold Soak allows for an extraction of colour and flavour without the bitterness and astringency of the tannins which brings a more flavourful wine to the palate.

Easy Steps to Making Wine with Frozen Grapes

winemaking instructions FZGP    

Grape Varietals

Choosing a grape varietal that works with your lifestyle. Below is a listing of all the grape varietals available each spring. Which wine type are you?

Red Grape


Food Pairing

Cabernet Sauvignon A bold, full-bodied wine that is low in acidity and carries a black currant flavour. Bold meats with round seasonings. Avoid spices and strong cheeses that will overcome the wine.
Merlot A light wine that holds a soft, fruity flavour with chocolate notes and is often blended with other grapes. Red meat and some poultry.
Carmenere A medium-bodied wine that carries a cherry fruity flavour at optimal ripeness. Red meat.
Malbec A full-bodied wine that is not overly spicy and holds a slight peppery note. May be blended with merlot grapes. Quite food-friendly.
Syrah A robust, full-flavoured wine that hold berry, chocolate, and espresso notes. Red meat, spicy pizza, herbed sauces on red meat, and turkey.
Pinot Noir A medium-bodied wine with a black cherry and currant aroma, considered to be one of the most romantic wines. Light meat, chicken, salmon, and anything on the grill.


White Grape Description Food Pairing Recommendations
Sauvignon Blanc A crisp, dry and refreshing wine with relatively low acidity. White or light fish, mild cheese, and fruit.
Chardonnay A smooth, well-rounded, fruity wine that is quite versatile and considered a favourite among white Chilean grapes. Grilled chicken, grilled fish including salmon, shellfish and anything with a cream sauce.
Muscato A popular dry wine with an extremely fragrant and floral and sweet aroma. Consumed as a wine, dessert wine, fortified wine, sparkling champagne, and liquor.
Viognier A medium-to-full-bodied wine with an aroma of orange blossom and honey, carrying apricot and peach notes. Spicy foods, such as Thai or Vietnamese, and strong cheeses.
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