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DISCONTINUED Malvasia Bianca (Italy), Meglioli (23L)


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Cultivated within the Reggio Emilia region of Italy, its delicateness is linked directly to its fruitiness. Holding a perfectly balanced light yellow color, its delightful aroma of citrus fruits leads up perfectly to the flavors of honey, bosc pears, and a slight hint of vanilla. As a last impression, you’ll notice its finish is crisp and clean. For all sweet white wine enthusiasts, this is a must have in your wine collection.

Food pairing: Seafood antipasto dishes dressed with oil and lemon, grilled fish with light provencal-style sauces. Dare yourself to try this wine with dessert! Accompany your wine with an almond biscotti (try dipping!), Sicilian cannoli or an apricot or plum tarte with a marzipan pastry crust.
Serving: Between 10 degrees and 12 degrees celcius.
Comments: The sweetness of this wine is a real treat on its own!

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