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Malolactic Bacteria Culture - MBR 31 2.5 hl (66 Gal)

Perform ML under stressful, low pH, and low temp conditions.

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Malolactic Fermentation

MBR 31

White, Red, Fruit, Cider

O. oeni adapted to low temperature and low pH; enhances polyphenolic content and fruit character

  • Lalvin MBR 31® was selected by the ITV for use in red and white wines.
  • Performs well even under stressful conditions such as low pH (3.1) and low temperature (greater than 13ºC/55ºF).
  • Known for its positive sensory characteristics. In reds, it may increase berry fruit flavors and mouthfeel. In whites, it is known for light buttery flavor, respect for fruit, increased body and length of finish.
  • It may be slow to start but finishes quickly.

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