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Lab Testing, Sensory Lab Testing/Analysis
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Analytical Services

Attention Wine Makers. Musto Wine Grape, Co. is pleased to announce a new service for our valued customers; a fee based wine analysis, using state of the art laboratory equipment.

Now you can get testing done on several critical metrics; Total Acidity, pH, and Free Sulfites.

We will be shortly expanding to Reducing Sugars, Nitrogen, and others.


Individual Test (per sample): $18.00
Two Test Panel (TA,pH): $30.00
Three Test Panel (TA,pH,Free SO2): $39.95

The results of each test will be communicated via a phone call and written report.

Pre-Competition Evaluation
Is your wine ready for competition? You can find out...and we can help. Get a sensory evaluation done on your sample of wine according to current judging standards. The wine will be evaluated by a wine judge and you will receive feedback. The fee for this service is $10.

For a limited time...purchase a Pre-Competition Evaluation and we will credit $10 against your purchase of a Three Test Panel on the same sample.

Some tips on submitting samples...

  • Use glass or plastic food grade bottles for collecting your samples.
  • Place all samples into clean, non-reactive containers. These containers should placed in a plastic bag to contain any spillage should it occur.
  • Sample bottles containing juice or fermenting product can be partially filled.
  • Sample bottles containing wine samples should be full and sealed.
  • We recommend sending 16oz of each sample, which will likely be more than is necessary, but it is better to have more on hand than to find there is not enough sample to perform a test.
  • Keep samples cool and out of direct sunlight.



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