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Cabernet Sauvignon, Piccolo (1.2L)

Mosti Mondiale‚Äôs 1.2L (0.32 US GAL.) Piccolo from the Vinifera Noble line presents a perfect blend between both fresh grape must and concentrate at a price point that makes all home winemakers excited! The wines are characteristically warm, well balanced, and robust yet still subtle and delightfully nuanced. 


Piccolo will yield wines that can be consumed young and provide you with an unparalleled body, bouquet, and color.

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The king. An undeniable reputation that has already conquered the world. It is a full-bodied wine with great structure that presents itself in a crimson color with violet hues. Experience cherry and blackcurrant fragrances that provide wonderful fruity flavors accompanied with soft spicy notes. Its charm lies in its roundness and supple mouth feel. This wine rises to its noble stature as the true king.
This kit will produce 1 gallon of finished wine.
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