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Autolees, Convenience Pack
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BIOLEES® INSTANT was developed as a result of a LAFFORT research project which provided detailed
understanding of the natural phenomena associated with maturing wine on lees and with the effect of a certain
peptide that is released during yeast autolysis on the palate of a wine. BIOLEES® INSTANT is a purified yeast
extract rich in a specific sapid peptide fraction and polysaccharides.

The exclusive composition of BIOLEES® INSTANT acts on gustatory sensations in the wine by smoothing the
palate and decreasing the perception of acidity.

This product can be used throughout vinification of white, red or rosé wine, during maturation or before bottling.
This product is 100% soluble. Its action is immediate.  We recommend dissolution of this product in 5 to 10 times
its volume in wine to be treated.

Use: .33 grams to 1 gram per gallon of wine

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