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About Us

We at M&M Wine Grape Co., online as Juicegrape.com, are working to change the way you view the business of making wine. We are a privately-held, family business with a collective passion for wine and winemaking.

As M&M Wine Grape Co., we serve all areas of the market for your winemaking needs; wine grape products, equipment, supplies, and logistics. Our product knowledge and logistical network allows us to serve wineries and winemakers alike. We believe that nothing should keep someone who is interested in crafting their own wine from the best products, equipment, supplies, and knowledge that are available.

When you work with M&M Wine Grape, Co. you will quickly learn that we are a business focused on customer service that provides both products and services. We understand our success resides in our ability to serve your needs and support your plan for growth. We also respect the fact that you have a choice. We see ourselves as a strategic partner in your success whether you are a commercial winery or a 5 gallon carboy customer.

M&M Wine Grape Co. is a member of the M&M Family of Wine. The M&M Family of Wine encompasses the "family" of wine related businesses under our management that are in addition to M&M Wine Grape Co., M&M Wine Distribution is dedicated to Wholesale Wine Distribution in CT, The M&M Center for Winemaking & Appreciation provides Hands-on Winemaking Experiences, educational seminars, and wine event planning. Collectively, we are working to bring winemaking and appreciation to a whole new level!

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