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Grapes & Juices in Stock as of 9-26-17 at 7:33AM


Our inventory moves very quickly and we want to make sure we have everything you want in stock. Sincerely, The Musto Crush Crew

California Juices: California Select, Cry Baby, and Colina del Sol – All Varieties in Stock

Lodi Gold Juices (California): Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Muscat, Thompson Seedless, Merlot, Mixed Black, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel California

Wine Grapes:
•  California Special Barbera
•  Lugano Barbera
•  Pia Cabernet Sauvignon
•  Caterina Petite Sirah
•  Cry Baby Grenache
•  Caterina Cabernet Sauvignon
•  Uva di California Ruby Cabernet
•  Zinderella Zinfandel
•  Muscat King #36
•  Valley Beauty Zinfandel
•  Cry Baby Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 337
•  Pia Sangiovese
•  Teaser Zinfandel (small quantities – call ahead)
•  Teaser Grenache (small quantities – call ahead)
•  Pia Malbec
•  Caterina Old Vine Zinfandel
•  Caterina Sangiovese
•  Caterina Old Vine Carignane
•  Caterina Merlot
•  Cry Baby Sangiovese
•  Costamagna Merlot
•  Cry Baby Sangiovese
•  Costamagna Cabernet Sauvignon
•  Cry Baby Syrah
•  Cry Baby Muscat #36
•  Costamagna Viognier
•  Caterina Thompson Seedless #42
•  Caterina Pinot Noir
•  Smiling Baby Merlot
•  King’s River Albarino
•  Lodi Gold Albarino
•  Pia Cabernet Franc
•  Cry Baby Mixed Black
•  Lanza Petite Verdot
•  Lanza Chardonnay
•  Lanza Petite Sirah
•  Lanza Primitivo
•  Lanza Cabernet Clone 8 (Valley) – CALL to Confirm
•  Lanza Sangiovese
•  Lanza Barbera
•  Lanza Malbec
•  Lanza Muscat Cannelli
•  King’s River Cabernet Franc
•  Paso Robles Cabernet Franc
•  Cry Baby Malbec
•  Lodi Gold Tannat
•  Paso Robles Pinot Noir
•  Paso Robles Merlot
•  Lodi Gold Pinot Noir
•  King’s River Tempranillo
•  Cry Baby Old Vine Black Muscat
•  Caterina Zinfandel
•  Lodi Gold Black Muscat

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